Cutter: Devils' Spawn Daddies



The cops label him “trouble” on sight. But it’s the kind of trouble she dreams about.

Between the Devil’s Spawn MC cut on his back and the blood on his hands, Cutter isn’t surprised he’s landed in police custody for doing the right thing—again. But then the pretty cop who slapped cuffs on him years ago walks into the interrogation room. Only now she’s a detective, and still the brunette bombshell who livesin his Daddy Dominant fantasies.

Emily Mayhew knew Cutter was innocent back then, but as a rookie she could only watch him be railroaded straight to jail. Now she needs his help. The Sons of Chaos MC is running guns, drugs, and humans—and they can smell “cop” a mile away. Infiltrating this gang requires the real deal. It also requires a tight perimeter of secrecy to keep her jealous colleagues’ dirty fingers out of it.

Working with Cutter, the man who fuels her most sensuous submissivedreams, will be the adrenaline rush of Emily’s life. But if he discovers she’s Middle, will he accept her? Or will it be the distraction that brings the entire investigation, and her dreams, crashing down?


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