Barron: Devils' Spawn Daddies



He pushed her away for her own safety. Instead, he made her a target.

With another joint investigation with the Garden City police department under way, the Devils’ Spawn MC has finally left its outlaw past behind and gone legit. Yet Barron Priestly would bet his Devils’ Spawn cut that the danger isn’t over. Which makes his regret for pushing Yoanni Sanz away sting that much harder.

If he hadn’t made the monumental mistake of assuming his Daddy Dom proclivities would scare her off, she’d be in his playroom, in his bed, and under his protection. Not dealing with the stress of her father’s illness all alone. And not a tempting target for revenge.

Yoanni hoped a long leave of absence would cure her ache for Barron. Instead, the memory of passion they shared is just as vivid as the pain of its ending. A series of escalating threats sharpens her loneliness to fear—until Barron steps in to reclaim his place at her side. And Yoanni’s inner Little weeps for joy.

But with danger hiding in plain sight, the next attack could come from anywhere—and no bubble of protection is without its weaknesses…

Note: Barron is book two in the Devil’s Spawn Daddies series. It features a different couple from book one, Cutter, but for maximum enjoyment readers are encouraged to read the series in order.


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