She was never meant to be his. But his heart was always hers.

Ross Michaels hasn’t laid eyes on Hadley Keller since the night she took off on the back of his younger brother’s motorcycle. Her innocent sweetness had called to him. But she wasn’t his. End of story.

But fate can be viciously unpredictable.

He’s been working at the members only, Club Nexus, when he receives an unexpected letter from Hadley. Even though four years have passed, she still has such a hold on him that when she writes begging him to rescue her daughter, as they are both trapped in an outlaw MC, he decides to rescue both of them out of that hellhole. It’s when he sees her bruises and the helplessness in her youthful face, that the Daddy Dom in him, recognizes from her behavior that she is a Middle and in desperate need of his help and protection.

Only, his mission isn’t as simple as loading them into his truck and driving away. Hadley’s trauma had set its hooks deep. Ross is determined to remove each one; barb by painful barb. And keep her safe from MC elements that’ll do anything to claw her back in.

Note: Ross is a standalone romance in the Central Florida Stories - Club Nexus universe. Contains DDLG dynamics, spanking, scenes of abuse that may be triggering to some readers, explicit sex, and lots of dirty talk.