The Power of Reviews.

Whenever one takes a step outside the comfort zone, doubt and second-guessing follow. It’s kind of inevitable, I suppose.

I took a big step with “Twisted Proposal”. I went all out into dark romance. Since then, there’s been a lot of fingernail chewing on my end, wondering how readers would receive the book.
Most reviews have been positive, and it’s been a huge relief. However, I just received reviews notification from Readers’ Favorite. My mind is blown. All three are five-stars.
Partial reviews follow:

K.j. Simmill:
“I have been a part of the lifestyle for more years than I care to admit, so I always enjoy getting my hands on a book that delves into a world I am intimately familiar with. The first thing that really stands out about Twisted Proposal is that despite all the goings-on, the coercion and manipulation, the games and scheming, there is always an emphasis put on safety and aftercare, be it from the experienced Dom supervising the training of a newer, less experienced person, or in Ethan’s own affairs. Victoria Saccenti does an admirable job of creating a perfect balance of education and enjoyment while delivering a captivating plot that serves to explore the symbiosis between Dom and Sub and how the relationship has deeper and sometimes unexpected results and connections. Twisted Proposal is beautifully paced with a gripping and intricate plot that is guaranteed to elicit the whole spectrum of emotions.”

Jeniffer Ibiam:
“Twisted Proposal by Victoria Saccenti is a spell-binding romantic sizzle that awakened my imagination. This novel is for mature readers who are comfortable reading about BDSM. Twisted Proposal centers on grief, deceit, murder, love, loyalty, vengeance, and family drama. The world of the wealthy is a dark place. I loved the suspense, development, character lineup, and storyline. This book blended brutality, vanilla love, and hardcore dominance. Ethan was indeed kind, regardless of his dark side and I loved Siena. Bart was the worst character, even more than Joyce. I have met only a few people who are so selfish. Victoria is a talented storyteller with a beautiful writing style. I never wanted to get to the last page, but all good things must end.”

Jamie Michele:
“As part of Victoria Saccenti’s Central Florida Stories series, Twisted Proposal is a new entry in the alpha-erotic genre. As the ultra-rich Ethan preys on Siena’s vulnerability to satisfy his lust for both revenge and sexual dominance. Saccenti does not reinvent the wheel, but she does add her own stamp to it. I liked that prominent members of Siena’s family are deeply underhanded in their own ways, and by putting Siena in a position where her submissiveness to these pressures is established to a certain degree, Saccenti makes Siena’s acceptance more believable. Not that it needs to be; after all, this is supreme sizzle, and as a reader, you either dig it or you don’t. Saccenti’s writing style is unapologetically salacious and equally engrossing, and fans of erotic, psychologically powerful D&S connections will get their fill here.”

The good news didn’t end there. My latest PNR/Fantasy release, Titanian Warrior received the prestigious B.R.A.G. Medallion. I’m ecstatic.