New Year ~ New Life

New Year ~ New Life

The title of this short post is a rough translation of my grandmother’s favorite saying. Each New Year celebration she’d murmured it as a hopeful prayer at the stroke of midnight: 
“Año Nuevo – Vida Nueva. 

I am happy to announce the upcoming unveiling of stylish new covers for the Destiny Series. The target date is mid-February 2020. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. The talented cover designer Scott Carpenter is the brilliant artist behind this project. 

In addition, I’m moving away from “Period Stories”.  Noémie’s Journey, an interracial romance set in 1968 South Carolina, and recipient of several awards finalizes that effort. I am now concentrating on contemporary and paranormal romances. 

“Beloved Titanian” published Oct. 31, 2019, introduces the world of the Titanian race, according to my muse. 

I am very excited about this new course. Please stay tuned and as always, thanks for reading.